Bridgestone offers a wide range of Car, 4×4 and Van tyre choices for sport, touring, 4×4 and winter driving. Whatever your driving style, Bridgestone has a tyre to suit your driving needs. View the Bridgestone range on


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With a history of innovation spanning over 100 years, Firestone is a trusted brand that has stood the test of time. Today, Firestone continues to inspire generations of drivers both on and off the track with an advanced range of tyres built for safety, reliability and value for money; tyres that not only honour Firestone’s proud heritage but also its vision for the future. View the Firestone range


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Pirelli offers an exceptional car, 4×4 and van tyre product range. Tyres that meet all customer requirements, combining the Ultra High Performance Technology derived from Motorsport with the new ecological features of the “Green Performance” philosophy. View the Pirelli range


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Michelin is one of the two largest tyre manufacturers in the world. Michelin gives you the best balance of safety, longevity and fuel efficiency.


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BFGoodrich is an American brand of tires. BFGoodrich developed tires to give you the grip and control that your spirited driving demands — either on-road or off.


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Every Goodyear tyre has more than one hundred years of innovation behind it. With Goodyear, you get performance and peace of mind as standard.



Continental is a leading German automotive manufacturing company. Continental tyres stand for excellent transmission of forces, exceptionally reliable tracking in all weather conditions and high cost effectiveness.


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A leading manufacturer of passenger, sport, performance, truck and SUV tyres. Dunlop offers an improved braking and accelerating performance for a better feel of the road.


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With state-of-the-art technology, strict quality control, and highly regulated safety standards, Federal continues to develop innovative, quality tyres.


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Bridgestone’s tyres are designed to meet today’s new demands of safety and motoring efficiency, while offering the comfort of a top touring tyre.